Ugyen Dendup

Chief Executive Officer, Koufuku International Limited

Mr. Ugyen Dendup is the Chief Executive Officer of Koufuku International Ltd., a dairy processing plant located at Chenary in Tashigang. It is a DHI, Bhutan and SNBL, Japan joint venture company established to create market for the dairy farmers of Tashigang and adjoining areas and enhance their livelihood. Today the company is at the center of dairy value chain in eastern Bhutan, benefiting more than 300 households.

KIL is promoting a PPP model with the main objective of maximizing benefit to the community and building an inclusive and sustainable business model that will create opportunities for local communities. In the next three years the company is expected to work with more than 3000 households in the six eastern Dzongkhags with ultimate aim of building a successful social enterprise.   

Mr. Ugyen Dendup brings nearly two decades of management experience in the Bhutanese manufacturing sector in both the government and the corporate sectors. His job experiences include the management of a government Pharmaceutical agency, the Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals (MSP), under the then Ministry of Health. He was involved in the transformation of MSP from a government agency to a Corporation and integrating modern pharmaceutical manufacturing principles into the research and production of Bhutanese Traditional medicines. He has worked with community mobilization and formation of community groups for inclusive sustainable undertakings such as medicinal plant groups for supplying medicinal plants to MSP and dairy groups for KIL.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Ugyen Dendup was the Head of Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals. He has BSc. in Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen and MSc. in Pharmaceutical Analysis from the University of Strathclyde in U.K.