S.P. Wangdi

Secretary, NEC

Mr. Sonam P. Wangdi is currently the Secretary, National Environment Commission and responsible for overall regulation of the Environmental Sector. He is Chair of the LDC Group under UNFCCC and selected as one of the 100 most influential people in climate policy by apolitical. He is also recipient of Civil Service Gold Medal for 30 years of distinguished service.

He holds a Masters of International Law and Economics degree from the World Trade Institute, University of Berne, Switzerland.

He commenced his service with the erstwhile Ministry of Trade and Industry and served in various capacities for the last 31 years. Prior to his present post, He was Director General of Department of Hydropower and Power Systems. He is a well-known Trade and Industry expert in Bhutan and in the region. He served as the Chief Negotiator of Bhutan for Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements, and as Deputy Chief Negotiator for Bhutan’s accession to the WTO from 2005 till 2012.

He has represented the Country in numerous negotiations, conferences, road shows, seminars and workshops abroad. He has served on some of the most important Task Forces, Committees and Boards instituted by the Royal Government from time to time. In addition to his official functions, he serves on the Boards of Government Owned Companies, Public Listed Companies and Autonomous Agencies.

He has a wealth of experience in the economic sector at policy, enforcement and corporate domains.